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Are Your Hands Properly Placed on Your Steering Wheel?

Flashback to when you began driving and learning all the do’s and don’ts of operating a car. We were taught early on how to place our hands on the steering wheel when we began driving a vehicle. For...

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Car Repairs You Don’t Need to Ignore

All drivers are aware that repairs on a car can get quite costly. Most people tend to put off making minor repairs to their cars. Some even may feel that they don’t have the time or money to make certain vehicle...

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Downpour Driving – How to Drive Safely in the Rain

Focus on the road - When conditions are less than ideal, stay alert and focused on what's going on around you. Pay attention to other drivers and be extra cautious when merging lanes or...

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What Common Household Item Helps to Clear Foggy Windows?

When the air inside your car is warmer than the outside, a buildup of moisture occurs causing condensation on the inside of the car windows, ultimately, making them fog up and hard to see out...

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Tips for Driving with Your Favorite Furry Friend

If you absolutely love going on trips and long drives in your car, but you feel bad having to leave your furry friend behind, you are not alone. You want to take him or her with you, but you may not know all of the...

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How to Protect Your Car During a Cold Snap

Sudden extreme cold weather can wreak havoc on your car’s engine. An overnight or sudden cold snap can put your car at risk of breaking down. If you are still in the middle of winter’s reach, or if the...

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