What Common Household Item Helps to Clear Foggy Windows? in Olive Branch, MS

What Common Household Item Helps to Clear Foggy Windows?

Austin Pattillo's Blog | What Common Household Item Helps to Clear Foggy Windows?

When the air inside your car is warmer than the outside, a buildup of moisture occurs causing condensation on the inside of the car windows, ultimately, making them fog up and hard to see out of.

It’s easy to clear the fog from both the front and rear windows, by using the car’s defroster, but what about the other windows inside your car? For some of us, our immediate reaction is to grab a cloth or tissue to wipe away the condensation, but this often results in streaks being left behind on the windows. Even if we were okay with this clearing process, it does nothing to help prevent the car’s windows from foggy up again.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop wasting time having to wait for the fog to clear up inside your car and to no longer have to constantly wipe down your car windows?

You can! Save yourself the time and hassle of having foggy windows by using a common household item, shaving cream!

This remedy may surprise you, but it really does work and will give you peace of mind for the next time you want to go for a drive. Who knew that applying and wiping off shaving cream to the glass, could give you the freedom of having fog-free windows!

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