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Are You Ready for Winter Weather?

Bundle up and get ready! Cold weather is on its way! You may already be experiencing winter weatherconditions, but if not, rest assured, you probably will soon. If you live in the tropics, you, of course, are...

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Remembering Great Times in Great Vehicles While Making Memories in Your New Vehicle

Time travel is impossible to do, for now. The closest you can get is by closing your eyes, thinking about the memories you have made with your loved ones. Think about all the places you have been and the things you...

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The Details of a Detailing Job

Our cars are a reflection of us. The type ofvehicle we drive says something about who we are. Are you a thrifty shopper, an extravagant traveler, or a wrangler of kiddos? Regardless of what type of vehicle you...

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Drive a Car You Love!

We spend a lot of time in our cars. On average, we spend approximately 101 minutes a day. That is a lot of time spent inside your vehicle and you should love every minute of it. If you don’t love all the time...

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Who Likes Money???

Like I said before you will get paid if you send people to buy from me!! Ask David!

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Finance or Cash? That is the Question

For years, we thought that if we bought a car with cash, we somehow got the best deal available. Many people believed in that idea and only bought a car when they could put down all the cash it took to buy it....

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