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All drivers are aware that repairs on a car can get quite costly. Most people tend to put off making minor repairs to their cars. Some even may feel that they don’t have the time or money to make certain vehicle repairs. While doing this and ignoring certain repairs may seem to save money in the short term they could potentially lead to extra costs down the road, such as fines or ‘fix-it’ tickets, if these problems are not taken care of. A few dollars and a little time spent on simple vehicle repairs can help avoid trouble down the road.

While a car is operating on the road, state and local traffic laws require that certain equipment is properly installed and functioning correctly. This includes brakes, headlights, turn signals, mirrors, windshields, and seatbelts. Check the following items on your car and make sure your vehicle is running properly so that you don’t get a traffic ticket on top of your repair bill.

  • Lights - Turn signals and headlights or taillights that are cracked or broken need to be repaired or replaced. Most states require vehicles to have functioning turn signals as well as two functioning headlights and taillights. Taillights must illuminate red. If your taillight is cracked, it can emit a white light, which could possibly be a traffic violation.
  • Windshield - If a windshield is cracked, discolored or tinted in a way that obstructs vision, drivers may get ticketed and fined. Check your state laws before you buy a car with tinted windows or modify your current windows because in some states, vehicle modifications, such as tinted windows, are prohibited.
  • License Plate - If your license plate light is out or if the plate is otherwise unreadable, drivers may be pulled over. Clear or tinted plastic license plate covers could cause law enforcement officers to question the validity of your plates if they can’t easily see it. Make sure your plate is in the right spot or easily located on your car.
  • Loud Exhaust System - A faulty exhaust system that is too loud, either because it has been modified or because it is broken and needs repairs, can be a reason for a ticket. Check the laws of your state to make sure yours is within limits.

Save yourself some grief and make sure your car is running the roads safely and in compliance with you’re your state’s laws. Some states even require vehicle safety inspections. Click this link to make sure you are in compliance with your states inspections laws:

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