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Tips to Remove Dog Hair from Your Car’s Interior

If you love your pooch and take him/her with you everywhere you go, then your car is probably not off-limits to your furry friend or his shedding hair. Undoubtedly, they will shed in your car, but you don’t have...

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The Quickest Way to Cool Down Your Vehicle!'s Interior

Summer is upon us and we will soon be dealing with sweltering heat out there. You may already be experiencing it. It certainly becomes discouraging to jump in a car that has been sitting out bathing in the hot sun!...

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What & Where is Your Car’s VIN?

A Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN as it is commonly known, is the identifying code for each specific automobile. Every car has a unique and different code. Think of it as your individual...

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Buying a New Vehicle Will Never Be the Same

Times are certainly changing! Car buying does not have to be the “same old, same old”. We all work hard for our money and to spend so much on a vehicle should be met with the same effort on the part of...

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Gas Saving Tips for the Summer

Just like we need food, our cars need fuel to keep going. When we are hungry, our bodies tell us that it is time to eat; similarly, our vehicles will alert us to when it is time to fill up on gasoline. If our...

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Reducing the Spread of That Ping in Your Windshield

One of the worst places to get pinged is on your windshield. Just the right tap from flying rocks or other debris can send your glass cracking. These cracks can spread quickly and ruin the look of your car, not to...

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