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How To Remove Dog Hair From Your Car’s Interior

If you love your pooch and take him/her with you everywhere you go, then your car is probably not off limits to your furry friend or his shedding hair. Undoubtedly, they will shed in your car, but you don’t have...

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Look at both pictures

Yall check out these pictures of the sun trying to shine through the clouds yesterday.

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Where are you headed this summer?

Road trips have always been an important American tradition. Whether it is the family heading out of town together, young love blossoming in the romance of exotic locales, or friends forging lifelong bonds over...

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Tips To Save Money on Gas

Our cars need fuel to keep going, similar to how we need food. Just like when we are hungry and our bodies tell us that it is time to eat; our vehicles will alert us to when it is time to fuel up on gas. If our...

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Top 8 Things to Keep in Your Car for Emergencies

Summer road trips in your near future? If you spend lots of time in your car, whether driving back and forth to work or you use the summer months to travel with your family, you want to make sure you are ready for...

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Ford Declares the Numbers for the New 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500

When Ford announced back in January that the new 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 would be hitting the showroom floors this fall with a “700-plus hp” we could only imagine. This week, the numbers are out and it...

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