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How To Open A Car Hood With A Broken Latch

There could be many reasons as to why you need to open the hood of your car; from the engine overheating to simply adding windshield wiper fluid. What do you do though when your cars hood has a broken...

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Why You Should Not Put A Bumper Sticker On Your Car!

Many driver's love to add a bumper sticker to their vehicle. However, were you aware that bumper stickers are not meant for vehicles made today? It is true. Unless you have a chrome bumper, you should...

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Why You Should Not Use Windex On Car Windows

Surely when you think of window cleaning your first thought goes to the window cleaning solution, Windex, or perhaps a generic form of the blue stuff. However, you should not think to use Windex on windows of...

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Austin’s Photo Shoot 👀

Have a look at some of these great pictures of myself around our dealership!

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What To Do If Your Engine Overheats

You are driving and suddenly a light comes on in your dash and smoke begins to fly out of the hood of your vehicle... Your engine Is overheating, do you know what to do? First, you need to pull...

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