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Are There Benefits to a Full Tank of Gas?

As a driver, you know that gas prices fluctuate, and mostly not in our favor. So, we will wait until prices go down or we get an empty signal from our vehicle. But is this actually healthy for our...

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How To Get That Car Buying Smile

The moment you are handed the keys to your brand-new vehicle, you instantly feel proud, accomplished, and even a sense of excitement. You may have had many different vehicles throughout your lifetime, but you just...

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10 Minute Car Fixes to Save On Repairs

Vehicle issues happen, sometimes it feels like they have a mind all of their own, doesn't it? But it does not mean that it has to hinder your driving experience. Some issues can be quick fixes, but you need to know...

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Did You Know Your Tires Have an Expiration Date?

You may not be aware that your tires have an expiration date. Yes, an expiration date! Most drivers simply wait until their treads on their tires are worn or they have a blowout while others switch tires...

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How-To Fix A Small Dent on Your Vehicle

Accidents happen. We all know this. Many of us, have had a fender bender at one point in our lives. But if your time is now, it is unfortunate and you are probably freaking out. Well, I am here to help you figure a...

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When Are Car Seats and Booster Seats Necessary?

Many may question why booster seats are needed as they do not recall having one of their own. But the laws have changed and will vary from state to state. It is important that you follow the rules in accordance with...

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