Remembering Great Times in Great Vehicles While Making Memories in Your New Vehicle in Olive Branch, MS

Austin Pattillo's Blog | Remembering Great Times in Great Vehicles While Making Memories in Your New Vehicle

Time travel is impossible to do, for now. The closest you can get is by closing your eyes, thinking about the memories you have made with your loved ones. Think about all the places you have been and the things you have seen. Now, think of all of the vehicles you owned, and allow the fun flashbacks to take over your mind.


  • Think about the days driving around in your vehicle blasting your favorite tunes from the tape deck with the windows rolled all the way down...


  • You must recall the time you put your first CD into your car and played “air guitar” while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green...


  • What about when you realized the slot for your CD’s no longer came in vehicles and you learned that you could now play an unlimited amount of MP3s straight from your phone...


  • Remember your first tutorial on streaming music in your car…


As you grew up and got older, your vehicles grew with you. Every car or truck you ever owned has plenty of stories to tell because they were your memory makers. I understand. It can be difficult to trade in your vehicle for a newer one because the one you owned holds a lot of precious moments. This may cause you to feel doubt, but when you do just close your eyes and remember, all of the great memories you made together travel with you, and your newer ride is ready to make unforgettable moments with you too!

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