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4 Useful Tips When Buying A Car

Most of us have one or two vehicles sitting in our driveways right now. We use our cars to drive to and from work, bring our children to school, visit family and friends, as well as, to run daily errands. We highly...

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How Many Hours Per Year Do You Spend in Traffic Jams?

Every morning you may get up with the intent of moving fast, you shower fast, dress fast, and even eat breakfast way too fast, with the hopes of arriving to work early or at least on time. You have found that rushing...

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Keep These 11 Emergency Kit Essentials in Your Vehicle

Sometimes, subconsciously, we think we are invincible when driving a car. Whether it is the speed of the drive or the security of knowing we are encapsulated in airbags, the fact is that we stay positive and think...

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Perks of Buying a Used or Pre-Owned Vehicle

If you are in the market for a new vehicle and can’t afford the sticker price for a brand-new car, don’t fret! A good used car could be just what you have been searching for and it can save you money on...

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Ready To Take Those Stickers Off Your Car?

Do you have too many old bumper stickers on your car? Are you ready to get rid of some or all of them? Today is your day! Often times, bumper stickers that have been on a car’s exterior can become difficult to...

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SHOT GUN! How to Be the Best Passenger

We all have had discussions comparing how we drive our cars to how others drive. There have been plenty of articles and conversations about aggressive drivers, road rage, Sunday drivers and the like. But have you ever...

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