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Airbag Safety Tips

Our vehicles have airbags inside the dashboards, steering wheels and side panels to ensure our safety in the event of impact during a car accident. It is a fact that airbags save lives. Airbags are positioned to...

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How to Stop A Windshield Crack from Spreading - DIY

With so many cars on the road this summer, it is easy for your car to get pinged. One of the worst places to get pinged is to get pinged on your windshield. Just the right tap from flying rocks or other debris can...

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What’s Your Favorite Car?

Most people have favorites: a favorite color, favorite food or a favorite movie. As car enthusiasts, there is usually always a vehicle that pulls at our heart strings or makes our jaw drop. Do you...

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Selling or Trading Your Car? Clean These Spots First!

Are you thinking of selling or trading in your car for a newer one? Many car owners simply drive to the car dealership one day and end up trading their car in an “as-is” condition. However, if you want to...

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Maintenance Tips That Will Extend the Life of your Car

You may have just bought the car of your dreams, or if you may be actively looking for it. Either way, once it is in your driveway, I know you will want to treat it like a baby. These tips will help you extend the...

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